NIS Yachting is located at Bodrum Peninsula and have two offices in the region. Our head office is located in Bitez which is strategically in the middle of the peninsula where is equally away from the three marinas in the area. We also have a branch office at Turgut Reis Marina in the west point.

Besides, with our extensive network you will enjoy a peace of mind wherever you travel in Turkish Riviera. If we are not there, we make sure that our closest NIS partner will reach out to service you with the same quality conditions.

NIS specialises in providing top quality duty-free fuel delivered on time and at competitive prices. The bunker quality used by Super Yacht supplies is fundamental. Not all fuels have the same specification and the efficiency of an engine is often affected. To ensure top quality duty free fuel we supply yachts with "Fuel Analysis Report" given by Turkish Government or obtain samples from the refinery for an individual testing.

All foreign flagged yachts are eligible to buy duty free - transit fuel along Turkish coast. After duty free bunkering the yachts should clear out from Turkey in 24 hours.

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